The Secret to Modern Country Style Interiors

Modern country style home designThe country home has always had a special charm for interior designers. Mixing character and cosiness with a quintessentially British aspect, it has been a real stalwart for designing traditional hotel spaces, period properties, barn conversions and more. The drawback with the traditional country look is expense and practicality. With more and more people drawn into cities, living spaces are becoming smaller and the country home look has become less popular in favour of more minimalistic styles. Luckily there is a way to get the best of both worlds, adapting the country home to fit modern living and tastes, in a modern country interior.

What is the Modern Country Look?

The modern country look has its roots in the traditional country home aesthetic and therefore contains all the stalwarts, but it has been updated to accommodate modern homes which may be smaller and focuses on maintaining character whilst avoiding stuffiness. The modern look is more playful than the traditional, allowing more colours and patterns to peak out, and presents a great opportunity to mix old and new. Continue reading