Interior Design Fabrics to Celebrate Spring

Interior Design Fabrics to Celebrate SpringFabrics are so important to interior design but often they are the unsung hero that fall into the background. The way that an interior designer uses fabric in a project is a real balancing act of many different factors. Too many bold designs can make the space seem stuffy or crowded, while too many intricate patterns can be visually confusing. On the other side of the scale, plain options can lead to a space seeming washed out and cold.

With Spring just around the corner (well nearly!). we look at some of the best ways that fabric can be used in interior design.

In spaces that see a lot of traffic like show homes, hotels and restaurants, designers often seek to offset the busyness of the area by adopting a simple, modern style, but that can miss the opportunity to introduce character and emotion that can be afforded by designer fabrics.

There are many types of features in a room and with a little bit of imagination they can all use fabric in different ways, some of which you might not have originally thought of. From wall art, lampshades and accessories to curtains, canopies and coverings for furniture and walls.  Depending on whether it is to be an important focal point of a room, an accent or in the background, the designs chosen will need to differ to be a good fit to your design. Continue reading