Wallpaper Designs to Suit Every Space

Statement wallpaperUsing statement wallpaper is one way to change the look of a space, be it in your home, a coffee shop or a hotel, and there are plenty of amazing designs to choose from. Whether you want something simple and muted, bold and bright or classy and elegant, there’s something for everyone.

The first recorded use of wallpaper was in China in 200 B.C. when the Chinese first glued rice paper to walls. When the craze moved to Europe only the wealthy could afford to commission artisans to create their designs via hand painting or the use of stencils. Luckily with the advent of the printing press they became more widely available and now modern printing technology allows us a huge array of choices in pattern, texture and materials.  

One of the key ways to getting the most out of wallpaper is finding a balance.  This is often done by using paper on only one wall and painting the other three to create a feature wall. This can allow you to go for an exciting design, without it being overpowering, and is especially useful in smaller rooms.

We have put together a list of the latest modern wallpaper design types and guidance on how they can be used to brighten up any space. Continue reading