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What’s new in home furnishings and are ruffles coming back in?

Posted on 24 Apr, 2024

The home furnishings market is always changing, with new fashions and trends appearing on the scene each year. People are looking for ways to make their homes cosy and fashionable as they spend more time there. For those of us needing a change, there are countless ways to improve the visual appeal of any area, from furniture to accessories. This post will go over the newest styles in home furniture and the resurgence of ruffles in interior design.

The latest trends in home furnishings

Clean lines and minimalism have gained popularity in recent years. But adding patterns and textures to a space to make it more visually appealing is becoming more and more popular... Continue reading >

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From Nature to Industry: Exploring the History of Dyeing

Posted on 09 Apr, 2024

An old craft that has been important to our human history is dyeing. Using artificial or natural dyes, dyeing is the process of giving textiles, fibres or other materials colour. The history of dyeing is a monument to human imagination and inventiveness, from the colourful textiles used by ancient civilisations to the highly developed dyeing processes of today.

Ancient dyeing techniques and materials

The history of dyeing dates back thousands of years. In the past, people mad... Continue reading >

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