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Decorating with Digital Art

Posted on 28 Oct, 2021

The topic of this blog is Digital Art as we explore what it is and how it can be used.

Digital Art is an artistic practice commonly found in avant-garde exhibitions and art museums. With so many platforms, software, and tools available, a digital artist can transform traditional works such as drawings, paintings, sculpture and video to create something entirely new and unique.

With digital mediums progressing rapidly, digital art is gaining popularity. Used for quite some time within experiential design, it’s slowly working its way into home decorating and interior design, giving homeowners plenty of opportunities to display digital art in the comfort of their living spaces. Here are a few designs and ideas to inspire your décor.

Digital canvas that can display your favourite works of art

When you opt for a digital canvas, you can display any painting or work of art at the highest resolution. Also, rather than being tied to one image, a digital canvas allows you to showcase pieces of a work by one or several artists.

Advanced image processors and built-in sensors can even adapt and curate paintings to fit the room’s ambient and visual conditions.

Displaying memories with digital photo frames

With the rise of touch screen displays and compact digital screens, digital photo frames have gained tremendous popularity, playing an important part in contemporary home décor. The ease of transferring pictures wirelessly from one device to another allows you to store thousands of images in a digital photo frame.

These digital photo frames are available in various colours, shapes, materials and sizes to go with your existing interior design. They offer many features like slideshow, timed transitions, time-lapse and more.

Anything is possible

By incorporating digital art into your home or workplace, there are no limits to what you can display. Whether you opt for static or moving images, you can create a focal point in any living space with engaging and immersive art pieces.

There are many types of works to display such as famous paintings that have been animated to come to life. Images can also be altered in pretty much any way imaginable, so a photo can be transformed into a magical fantasy piece with stunning effect.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from including canvases, projectors, LED screens, and digital frames.

Careers in Design

Digital art is trending, and there’s no doubt that it’s transforming our homes by changing the conventional methods of interior design, giving homeowners new ways to design their living spaces and stand out from the crowd.

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