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Fireplace and Fire Surround Trends in the Home

Posted on 21 Dec, 2021

There’s a reason the term ‘hearth and home’ is such a well-recognised part of the English vernacular. For centuries, the fireplace has been considered the heart of the British home. Even with the widespread adoption of central heating, many homes incorporate a gas, electric or solid-fuel fireplace, even if it's used more for decoration than heating the property itself.

Interior Designers often use a fireplace as the focal point of a living room or lounge but what look and style is best? Like all aspects of design, this key component goes through several trends and fashions, so we had a little look at some of the ways you’re likely to see fireplaces and fire surrounds utilised as we head into 2022.

Marble Mantlepieces

Perhaps not a new trend, as marble has been a popular material for mantlepieces and fire surrounds for decades. The main difference is how to incorporate them. While traditional marble mantlepieces cover the space around the hearth and chimney, a current trend is to extend it as far as the ceiling, essentially making a feature wall as much as a mantelpiece. With so many colours and patterns available in natural marble, you should be able to find a material that complements or contrasts with the surrounding wall.

Natural Stone

Natural materials are in fashion in all areas of interior design and fireplaces are no exception. Depending on your brief there are various types of stone you can choose from. We’ve mentioned marble already, but a more rustic aesthetic can be achieved with granite, limestone or slate. If you prefer, sintered stone products are also available. These man-made stone materials are just as durable as their natural counterparts, but can be produced in a range of colours and textures.


Whatever material you choose for your fireplace and fire surrounds, today’s trends err towards keeping things low-key. Neutral colours, simple detailing, and geometric shaping are all in fashion at the moment. A well-designed and fitted fireplace attracts sufficient attention on its own, without requiring unnecessary embellishments.

Integrated Fireplaces

Of course, the best way to deliver a minimalist approach is to integrate the fireplace into the rest of the room’s décor. So as long as it permits sufficient ventilation, there’s no reason you can’t fit a fireplace with no mantelpiece at all. The key here is to match the immediate surroundings to the rest of the wall’s décor, so it all blends seamlessly.

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