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Mastering the Art of Salary Negotiation for Job Seekers

Posted on 27 Oct, 2023

Securing a new job is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, but it's not just about landing the position; it's also about securing a compensation package that reflects your skills, experience, and the value you bring to the table. Salary negotiation is an essential skill for job seekers, one that can significantly impact your financial well-being and career satisfaction. In this blog, we'll explore the art of salary negotiation for job seekers, the importance of fair wages, reasons to negotiate, effective negotiation tips, and when it may not be appropriate.

The living wage vs. minimum wage

Before diving into salary negotiation, it's crucial to understand the distinction between the UK living wage and the minimum wage. The UK living wage is a ... Continue reading >

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Recruitment

Posted on 13 Oct, 2023

The landscape of recruitment has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence. Employers and agencies have increasingly turned to AI to streamline and enhance various aspects of the hiring process. In this blog, we will examine the pivotal role that it plays in modern recruitment, exploring its applications, advantages, limitations, and the future of AI-powered hiring.

AI in Recruitment: Revolutionising the Process

Automated job advertisements and blog posts: AI-driven tools can generate compelling job descriptions and blog posts, optimising them for search engines to attract a wider pool of candidates. These tools analyse the market trends and tailor content to the t... Continue reading >

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