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Brighten up with a Lighting Design Job

Posted on 25 Mar, 2020

In light (excuse the pun!) of this awful and worrying situation we find ourselves in, we wanted to write a blog with a cheerier note and give us something to think about whilst we wait for our lives to return to some form of normality.   

The clocks move forward on Sunday and the days will be longer but lighting can be one of those things that we take for granted. Though it's what we see by, it tends to go unnoticed or, at the very least, unremarked upon. And yet, it cannot be understated just how important a part lighting plays in our everyday lives and the field of lighting design is an exciting one where you can make a huge impact on your environment.

From bars and restaurants, to galleries and museums; from shop displays and corporate events to the comfort of our own homes, lighting has a profound impact upon us. Aside from practical considerations of visibility, a change can affect our moods, influence our shopping choices, and even determine what we order from a drinks menu.

Position, colour, brightness and shape all have their part to play in terms of lighting design and with so many parameters to consider, it’s no job for the faint-hearted, though it is one that is endlessly rewarding. The different components to consider include bulbs, shades, chandeliers, lamps, and sconces and each element can be manipulated to create the desired effect.

As a feature it can go from being subtle and minimalist to the point that you wouldn't even notice, like spotlights embedded in the ceiling, or on the other hand be a dominant, standout feature, making a statement and drawing attention.

Getting started with a career in lighting design requires a determined vision and an appreciation of the play of light, as well as more prosaic aspects of construction. Experience in interior design is often a good way into the industry or a background in product design, as well as a practical understanding of physics and optics.

At Careers in Design, our expertise covers the lighting sector with vacancies available for lighting designers at all entry levels, from the keen young graduate to the industry veteran and, with our years of experience in the world of design, we can help you find the position that offers the most to you. We are far more than just a listing site and have no time for meaningless algorithms. When you register with Careers in Design and upload your CV, a member of our highly trained staff will go through it by hand, identifying your strengths, and will direct you towards the most suitable positions we have in our database.

So why delay? Sign up with Careers in Design, and find the lighting designer job that’s ideal for you.

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