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Decorating With Mirrors

Posted on 30 Nov, 2020

Mirrors show reflections of anything placed in front of them. It is how we can see ourselves when we look in the mirror every morning. But this is not all mirrors can do. They have been used by interior designers for years to create various effects in homes and commercial spaces. Here are some mirror decorating ideas we have found that you can easily use.

More Light

If a room does not have enough natural light, a mirror is the only solution needed. Find a large mirror and place it opposite a window. It will reflect all the light from the window back into the room, making it brighter.

A mirror placed next to a light source will increase the intensity of the light shone in the room.

A Mirror as a Piece of Art

Mirrors come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Find the perfect one, and it will instantly enhance the space. Whether it is a vintage or modern look you need to achieve, there is a collection of mirrors you can choose from. You may opt to have several mirrors on a wall and create a beautiful outcome. This is a great idea for walls that are painted in dull colours or those that seem too busy like gallery walls. Alternatively, place a few smaller mirrors amongst photos to show them off to greater effect. Another option is the staircase. Line it with mirrors make the place lighter while adding elegance to the home.

Vintage design mirrors are classy, and when matched with potted plants, they create a picturesque look that spells elegance. You will find a mirror of any colour, so staying with the theme will never be an issue. Play around with mirror shapes, and you will create a unique outcome.

Make Space Feel Larger

From small hallways to tiny bathrooms, any small space will benefit from having a mirror installed. Place a mirror behind a bathroom door, and it will instantly make the bathroom feel bigger. As for the hallway, the mirror will make it look brighter and feel longer.

A mirror will make space look larger because it reflects everything in its site. If this is the effect you need, go for large mirrors that cover large areas.

Bottom line

Playing around with mirrors can be fun with great results. Given a chance, which idea would you actualise first? Meanwhile, here at Careers in Design, we can help you find a job that's right for you. Register your CV with us today, and have the chance to meet with prospective employers. For enquiries and assistance, you can contact us on 01920 486125

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