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How Can LinkedIn Boost Your Career?

Posted on 29 Apr, 2019

Finding a job can be difficult, especially in the competitive field of design. With so many applications per position these days, you might think that modern job hunters are at a disadvantage, but you actually hold a great trump card, if you know how to use it

It's no secret that technology has revolutionised the job search process. The internet is the first place to start looking for a job, but it has also made the job application process seem colder in some ways. You may not ever speak to a person until the interview, and the number of applications where you never receive a response seems to climb.

So what is the secret benefit that technology brings to balance the automated application process? Social media!

We've discussed how to get your social media accounts spick and span prior to a job application in a previous blog. This is only the start of how you can use social media, and today we focus on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is known as the most professional of online social media sites. It is often neglected by both businesses and individuals, but this is a giant missed opportunity. LinkedIn offers a look inside a company. It provides a wealth of information about company culture, values, working life and the type of projects they get involved with. Using LinkedIn you can even communicate with the hiring manager before your application and do thorough company research for your interview preparation.

If you're not yet at the application stage, LinkedIn can be used to make contacts, get information about career paths that you are interested in, and find out about work experience or internship opportunities.  

Ready to get started on LinkedIn? Not so fast. Before you reach out to anyone, make sure your own profile is up to date, including a professional profile picture and work history.

When you do make contact, remember, be professional and polite, and demonstrate your interest in the company. Never underestimate the value you can bring, whether it's linking to an interesting article, or just sharing a company update with your audience.

As the UK's leading recruiter for design based careers, at Careers in Design we want to make sure you get the right position at the right company. Using LinkedIn to get as much information as possible can be a really valuable step on your journey and we are only a phone call away if you need further advice. And of course, don't forget to follow us to see all the latest jobs we have on offer!

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