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Interior Design Tips to Bring the Outside in

Posted on 14 May, 2020

With the country on lockdown for the foreseeable future, it has never been more important to find new ways to interact with the outside world.

For interior designers, one of the most effective ways is to bring the outside in. Here are some of the ways to achieve that goal.

Natural prints and colours

Whether you’re dealing with the walls or the floor, there are plenty of coverings that make use of natural colours and prints. From wallpaper embossed with leafy decals to carpets with that authentic woodland hue, there are so many ways to give a room’s surroundings the feel of nature, without even touching on its contents. Using natural materials is one of the top 5 trends for 2020, the others being blue shades, jungle motifs, artistic interiors and uber glam.
Of course, you can choose to go further by painting or staining the woodwork in complementary shades that will enhance the woodland or coastal feel you’re looking to emulate.

Use natural materials

An obvious but effective solution to adding a touch of the outdoors to a home. These can be anything – branches and logs, stones and pebbles, even something as simple as the humble pine cone.  Alongside wood, natural materials could include leather, iron, rattan, bamboo, clay and stone. Just remember three key points:

Firstly, there is no point decorating a property at the expense of the local environment. Don’t liberate a few kilos of shingle from the local beach just so you can fill some accent bowls for a dining room table.
Secondly, if you obtain your materials from nature, ensure that they have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and, where appropriate, dried to ensure a long life.

Finally, be selective. A straight, well-trimmed and suitably positioned tree branch can look fantastic under a mantelpiece, or above a door frame. A gnarled and twisted pile of moss-covered driftwood… less so.

Be keen for green

Plants, shrubs and other greenery are one of the best ways to bring the outside in. Not only do they make a property feel more attuned to nature, they look and smell incredible. They also give you greater scope for invention, as you can mix things up with different types of pots and climbers to produce an original design. They also have the added benefit of cleaning the air, absorbing toxins, reducing stress and boosting your feeling of well-being. Something that we could all do with at the moment!

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