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Lighting Ideas to Brighten up a Small Kitchen

Posted on 08 Mar, 2021

Choosing the right lighting to brighten up small kitchens doesn't have to be a hassle. In general, there are plenty of options for you to illuminate a small space while retaining a sense of openness.

If you look closely at how interior designers implement light in their designs, there's an abundance of products like flush mounts, recessed lighting, mounted ceiling lights and other more common choices. Interior lighting is a vital aspect of any living space, it can alter the atmosphere of the room and perceive its actual size differently.

As we have been spending so much more time at home we thought we'd take a look at how this room can be improved by using the right lighting in the correct positioning. You can get plenty of ideas and inspiration for your small kitchen by taking inspiration from an architect's or interior designer's methods. Here are some great examples used by them.

Uplighting and Task lighting

When space is scarce, get creative with underused areas in the kitchen like the cupboards or elevated shelves. Uplighting is a technique that adds a layer to your light scheme. Focusing the light directly where you need it or towards a feature will create shadows and add interest to your space. Positioning your lighting underneath is one way to add task lighting to kitchen countertops without sacrificing room on the floor or ceiling.

Multi-directional ceiling lights

Creative solutions will allow you to brighten up the entire room whilst taking up minimal space. A semi-flush mount with multiple directional heads enables you to cover different areas with one lighting fixture. The adjustable heads give flexibility to the light direction, so if you're changing the kitchen's layout, you can change the trajectory of the light.

Linear Lighting

You can apply linear lighting in many ways to create any desired effect. Fitting linear lights at the ceiling's centre brightens a darkened centre or can focus on a prominent feature like the kitchen island. 

If you have a narrow, elongated, or galley formation, pick light fixtures that correlate with your space's shape. Rectangular flush mount ceiling lights go well since they fit into the room's confines and provide sufficient ambient lighting. 

Ambient lighting

The use of ambient lighting provides a balanced and uniform illumination. This lighting radiates a pleasant level of brightness that doesn't overwhelm your lines of vision or cause glare.

You can apply it in your kitchen using medium circular mounted ceiling fixtures which are an excellent replacement for big modern chandelier-style lamps. Not only do they take up less space but the round shape also evokes elegance and symmetry at any position. Opting for a central source of ambient light is essential to a proper kitchen lighting plan.

Discuss kitchen lighting design with professionals

When discussing your choices with architects or interior designers, don't leave out the discussion of lighting design and positioning. Integrating designed lighting schemes into your kitchen is an investment that you'll want to carefully think through and get right from the start. 

Here at Careers in Design, we work with many interior designers and architects, so if you're interested in a career related to design, send your CV and sign up with us today.
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