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Staying Motivated and Organised During Your Job Hunt

Posted on 29 Jul, 2020

In the current climate, searching for a job can often be disheartening. With the recent lockdown and current safety measures in place thanks to COVID-19, job-hunting is a different experience to what it once was. In face of the challenges in front of you, it’s easy to become dejected and demotivated.

However, that can soon become a slippery slope towards self-doubt and even depression. At Careers in Design, we have seen the job market at its best and worst over many years and know how important it is to keep searching and trying. Here are some simple hints and tips to keep yourself motivated during your job search.

Eyes on the prize

Always remember, no matter how long your job search takes, there is a role out there that is perfectly suited to you. In order to find it, you’re going to have to wade through a pool of jobs that are less than perfect. Whenever your motivation begins to fade, remember that the next job advert you read might be the one for you.

Treat your job search like a job in itself

Having a routine for your job search can have a marked effect on your chances of success. Set aside a couple of hours each day to go through your applications. Treat that time with the same enthusiasm as you would your day-to-day job. By treating your search as work to be completed, you find yourself approaching it in a more professional manner. This professionalism becomes apparent in the quality of your applications.

Remember who you are

It’s important to remind yourself just how good you are as a candidate. Your CV is a summary of your experience and your skills, make sure it is up-to-date and a great reflection of your abilities. Remind yourself daily of the depth of your knowledge and your passion for the industry. Let that be apparent in your covering letters and your interview answers.

Quality over quantity

Some people think you should apply to every job in the hope that one of them accepts you. While this can be tempting – especially if you’re out of work – it can also result in you getting a job you didn’t really want in the first place. It’s better to focus your attention on a handful of jobs you do want, tailoring your CV and your covering letter to meet their requirements.

Accept rejection and seek out criticism

Getting rejected from one of the positions you are after is not the end of the world. You’re still one step closer to finding a job that’s right for you. Politely approach the interviewer or recruiter and ask them for some feedback on your interview or application. Their reason for not choosing you over the other applicants may end up being something simple that you can work on for the next vacancy on your list.

A key component for a successful job search is making sure you’re looking in the right places. If you haven’t already, register with Careers in Design today. Upload your latest CV and take a look at the latest vacancies across the UK. 

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