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Top Tips for Achieving a Show Home Look

Posted on 01 Jul, 2020

Every one of us has wandered into an immaculately-decorated show home at one time or another and wondered why we can’t achieve that same effect ourselves. From the pristine decoration, to perfectly-matched furniture and eye-catching accessories – it all seems so divorced from reality.

In truth, there’s no reason you can't recreate the effortless elegance of a show home in your own house. At Careers in Design, we deal with hundreds of professional interior designers who know just how to give any property the show home look.

Here are a handful of tips on how to go about it.

Add a little upholstery

Whilst we mostly save upholstery for sitting on, incorporating it into the bedroom or any other room creates a stylish effect similar to a high-end boutique hotel. From head boards to wall panels, ottomans to armchairs, there are many ways to accomplish this.

Keep it symmetrical

As any interior designer will tell you, symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye. Whether it be side tables and lamps either side of the bed or coffee tables either side of the sofa, make sure you have another one of it to balance out the other side. Then use accessories in groups of 3 to add further style.

A smart work space

Whether it’s a home office, a sewing corner, or an art room, any work space should be kept minimalist and practical. Slimline desks, comfortable seating, and subtle storage solutions all help delineate work from home.

Keep things in neutral

Most show homes rely on neutral shades for the walls, and with good reason. Using a mid-grey or taupe for your foundation leaves you free to play around with picture frames, mirrors, and accessories, without the background distracting from them. The odd splash of colour to one or two walls however, keeping the others light and neutral can also work to match a particular object or piece of furniture. Just don't pick anything to bright and vivid or dark and sombre!

If you’re currently looking for jobs in interior design, be sure to get in touch with the team here at Careers in Design. Register with us and upload your CV to access the latest vacancies.

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