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Designer Tableware for the Ultimate Dinner Party

Posted on 07 May, 2019

Dinner parties are back in style this year, but don't rush off for the antique napkin rings or start polishing the family silver just yet. These modern soirees are different to the stilted, stuffy affairs of the past.

The quintessential 2019 dinner party is an opportunity to bring friends and family together for food and conversation. Once you've compiled the guests list and finalised the menu, the next thing to do is consider the decor. 


The table is always going to be the main focus of a dinner party. Glass and wood-topped tables are best as the natural material creates a lovely backdrop. If you have a feature table like this, don't cover it up with a table cloth. There is another option!

Table Runners

A table runner gives you the best of both worlds by partially dressing the table, but also allowing it to shine. Make sure the colour scheme is in keeping with your dining room or go for a bold or adventurous theme instead.  To protect your exposed table from food and drink opt for classy or unusual placemats and coasters. 


Choose plates that will showcase your food! Handmade ceramics have a lightness and tactile quality that your guests are sure to appreciate. If you're going to have a lot on each plate, avoid busy patterns that will distract from your culinary masterpieces. However if you have set portions, you might find a simple pattern provides a good background. The crockery does not necessarily need to be matching as a quirky assortment can also work, as long as they still tie in with your theme or colour scheme. 

Decorate the Table

You don't need to go overboard and choose a large centrepiece - potted plants and candles work just as well, or opt for fresh flowers, bringing nature in from the garden works well. Make your own inexpensive decorations, use ornaments and get crafty!

Other Considerations

The interior design requirements for a dinner party are different to everyday life. For one thing there will be more people, so you may wish to remove some items of furniture to create more space. If this isn't possible, invest in some extra lighting, or use a large mirror to reflect light and make the room appear larger and less cramped. 

Has planning a dinner party ignited the designer flair in you? Careers in Design are passionate about everything to do with design and have placed hundreds of successful candidates in positions across the sector. Contact us today on 01920 486 125, or browse our design vacancies today.

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