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What’s new in home furnishings and are ruffles coming back in?

Posted on 24 Apr, 2024

The home furnishings market is always changing, with new fashions and trends appearing on the scene each year. People are looking for ways to make their homes cosy and fashionable as they spend more time there. For those of us needing a change, there are countless ways to improve the visual appeal of any area, from furniture to accessories. This post will go over the newest styles in home furniture and the resurgence of ruffles in interior design.

The latest trends in home furnishings

Clean lines and minimalism have gained popularity in recent years. But adding patterns and textures to a space to make it more visually appealing is becoming more and more popular. Once thought to be out of style, ruffles are seeing a significant resurgence.

Another still popular trend in home furnishings is the use of natural elements. Incorporating materials such as wood, stone, and rattan can bring a sense of warmth and serenity to any space. From wooden coffee tables to rattan chairs, these natural elements add a touch of rustic charm while creating a harmonious atmosphere.

The history of ruffles in home furnishings

Ruffles have a long and fascinating history in the world of home furnishings. Originating in the Victorian era, ruffles were commonly used in curtains, bedding, and upholstery. They were seen as a symbol of luxury and femininity, often associated with opulent and grand interiors. Ruffled curtains were especially popular, adding a touch of elegance and drama to windows.

Over time, as design trends shifted towards minimalism and clean lines, ruffles fell out of favour. The focus shifted towards sleek and streamlined designs, leaving little room for frills and embellishments. However, as with any trend, what goes out of style eventually comes back in, and ruffles are making a comeback in home decor.

The comeback of ruffles in home decor

Ruffles have been popular in modern interior design, often linked to romantic and nostalgic aesthetics. Any space can benefit from these delicate, feminine accents that offer a hint of charm and grace. These decorative accents, which might take the form of a ruffled curtain, pillow, or lampshade, are reinstating a whimsical and playful feel in home design.

Ruffles in furniture design

Ruffles aren't just returning in accessories—they're also finding their way into furniture design. For those looking to add a feminine touch to their living areas, ruffled headboards, couches with ruffled armrests, and chairs with ruffled skirts are becoming popular options. These furniture items with ruffles have the power to dramatically change a space and establish a striking focal point.

Incorporating ruffles into your home decor

If you want to add ruffles to your home decor but don't know where to begin, here are some tips to get you started. Take into account your home's general style first. Ruffles add a little contrast to sleek and contemporary environments, but they also look great in romantic and vintage-inspired decor. Select the appropriate colour scheme next. Ruffles look stunning in soft pastel colours like blush pink, mint green, and baby blue. Finally, don't be scared to combine different textures. For increased depth and visual appeal, place ruffled cushions on velvet sofas or cover sheer curtains with ruffled curtains.

Tips for styling with ruffled furnishings

Finding the ideal balance is crucial when designing a room with ruffled furniture. It's best to employ ruffles judiciously because an excessive number of them might overwhelm a place. To add some texture without overwhelming the room, think about utilising ruffled accent pieces like table runners or throw cushions. Furthermore, combining ruffled furniture with simpler pieces might make for an eye-catching contrast. For a modern take on a traditional design, consider matching a sleek and modern coffee table with a ruffled armchair.

Ruffled home accessories and accents

There are lots of ruffled home accents and accessories on the market, in addition to furniture. Little elements, like ruffled bedding or lampshades, may have a tremendous influence on a space. Whilst ruffled throw blankets can add cosiness and warmth to a sofa or armchair, ruffled curtains can add a romantic touch to a bedroom or living area. Without having to undertake a total renovation, you can quickly alter the appearance and mood of a room by adding ruffled objects to your decor.

Ruffles in different interior design styles

Ruffles can be used to add a distinctive touch to a variety of home design styles. Ruffled bedding and drapes can add a dreamy, ethereal feel to romantic and shabby chic environments. On the other hand, ruffled accents can add a feminine touch and tenderness to modern and contemporary rooms, counterbalancing the minimalist aesthetics and clean lines. Ruffles can also be added to eclectic and boho looks to give the whole ensemble a whimsical, unique touch.

Ruffles in bedding and textiles

Ruffles are particularly well-liked in bedding and fabrics, for example. Bed skirts, pillow shams, and ruffled duvet coverings may quickly make a bedroom seem opulent and welcoming. A living room or dining area can look soft and refined with ruffled curtains and valances. Ruffles are a common feature in textiles, ranging from shower curtains to table linens, so you can incorporate some fun into any space in your house.

Embracing the return of ruffles in home furnishings

Keeping up with new trends and styles is important as the home furnishings market keeps changing. Whether it's for you or not, the resurgence of ruffles in interior design is evidence of how design trends change over time. Things that were regarded as antiquated are now being rethought and embraced. Whether you decide to use ruffles in textiles, accessories, or furniture, they may add a little elegance and beauty to any area. So why not welcome the comeback of ruffles and discover all the creative options they have for designing a stunning and cosy home?

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