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CAD designer jobs (indeed, any 3D designer jobs) are highly sought-after in today’s job market and companies have the pick of some of the best CAD technicians in the business. With such high levels of competition, you need to make sure you stand out.

At Careers in Design, we can help to sculpt your CV into a winning proposal for the CAD designer job you’ve always wanted, and to match you up with a position that matches your experience and your ambitions.

As a 3D designer, there are many posts available across all sectors of the design industry, and an aptitude for one can often cross over successfully to another. We have clients from all over the world, covering every design niche you can think of - from product design to space planning.

Aside from your career experience and technical qualifications, what else is a prospective employer likely to look for in you? There are the standard expectations of being able to work well in a team and to have good communication skills. If you’re applying for a team leader or senior CAD technician role, then presentation skills are also essential, as it’s likely that you will be delivering presentations in one form or another. You will be expected to demonstrate good numeracy skills and proficiency with computers – obviously – but you need to show that you can apply that to the real world, with a solid foundation in the properties of materials, construction methods, and manufacturing processes.

What is most likely to impress, however, is a flair for the creative, an ability to show that CAD is as much art as it is engineering.

Finding CAD designer jobs through Careers in Design is simple; use the filter menus at the top of the page to search for the job you want in your location.

Are you a CAD designer currently seeking work? Register your CV with us today, and take the first steps towards finding your ideal job.

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